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Foklex Media Production is an events and advertising agency that specializes in general PR services, market communication, events organization, seminar training, digital voting and market promotion programs for brands that target the entertainment and media industry. By leveraging its competitive advantages, Foklex Media Production have been growing its customers’ base. Having a specialized skill set with experience in general PR work and market communication provide Foklex Media Production with valuable insight that other events and advertising agency are unable to offer. Additionally, Foklex Media Production prides themselves on offering unmatched flexibility which will allow Foklex Media Production to seamlessly meet any need a client may have. Our Awards Ceremony is an annual event to recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements and contributions by television and radio journalists and presenters across the 16 regions of Ghana. It’s a regional base awards where journalists within every region compete among themselves. We validate them through our peer review and monitoring. Taking time to reflect on the exceptional achievements of journalists is important to our nation. To remind journalists and presenters of the outstanding talent, determination and hard work that underpins the ethos of Ghana is of most importance. FOKLEX MEDIA PRODUCTION has detailed procedures in place, and works hard to maintain the integrity of the awards, so that the value can be preserved, although the rigor of the awards limits the number of award recipients. The openness of nominations and selection process ensures fair access for each participant as the nomination period for every year begins. .